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21 Apr

Top Features Of DirecTV Now Packages

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV Now Packages

DirecTV Now offers a 7-day free trial on a simple registration; the latest HBO inclusion makes an entry too. Subscribers wanting to watch Lebron James pull off a slam-dunk or animals trudge along can do well with wishful thinking. There are channels available in twos and threes and that is one of the things persistent with DirecTV packages.

Going by the trend of progressive charging among cable TV alternatives, the startup subscription begins with the least number of channels and ends on a high. The “Live a Little” pack offers you 60 plus channels for a subscription fee of $35 a month, including A&E, ABC, FX, Fox, Hallmark, History Channel, and many more. Add to that a $15 extra and you jump from 60 to 80 plus channels, landing you on the “Just Right” pack.

If you wanted even more programming, subscribe to the “Go Big” pack for a fee of $60 a month and get access to 100 plus channels. Alternatively, you can go all in with the “Gotta Have It” pack that gives you 120 plus channels for just $70 per month, and have all the programming available at the DirecTV Now network.

Cable TV Alternatives

Lot Of Channels

DirecTV Now is an AT&T subsidiary. What subscribers get is live broadcasting of a different ilk with zero annual contracts and no extra fees, installation free, cancelation any time! Do indulge in debauchery even for there is fun to be had in all DirecTV packages.

If you wanted even more, add any of the stalwarts, HBO, CINEMAX, or STARZ, for just $5 a month, $5 a month, and $8 a month respectively. It would seem DirecTV left the cable guy on a freeway mostly because subscribers can afford to have their own companions. Imagine completing 120 channels in just 31 days or less with whoever that is, and paying only $70.

Most cable TV alternatives mix up high-octane action with bodice ripper occasionally even somber drama. After the 7-day trial, subscribers get auto renewals, with optional cancel, continuing on the DirecTV packages. With continuous television watching, the ability to recollect names of the characters is an acquired skill. Sometimes, even channel numbers become automatic remote switches, in due course and with practice.

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to get the best deals on internet , cable , phone