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10 Aug

What To Expect In Flash Season 3

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Flash Season 3

The second season of CW Network’s The Flash ended with a major cliffhanger, with Barry Allen/The Flash going back in time to save his mother from the Reverse Flash. This plot is actually a reference to The Flashpoint Paradox, which is one of the most popular DC comic books.

In the comic series, Barry Allen goes back in time, saves his mother, and finds himself trapped in an alternate timeline. The CW Network series creators and the cast members have confirmed that they are going to adapt this amazing story on TV. So, here’s what we can expect on season 3. You can get the CW Network on all DirecTV packages except the DirecTV Select package.


The teaser, which aired at comic con, confirms that season 3 will be based on the Flashpoint Paradox. Furthermore, the title for episode 1 is also named as Flashpoint. The trailer further reveals that both Nora and Henry Allen are alive and happy. Barry seems content and he has not yet realized the serious consequences of what he did. However, things get complicated when Iris, Joe, and his other friends doesn’t recognize him.

Dr. Alchemy

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One of the major villains of season 3 is rumored to be Dr. Alchemy. Harry Potter famer, Tom Felton, was added to the show as a series regular, and he will play the role of Julian Dorn, a CCPD detective who works with Barry Allen and Joe West. However, fans have speculated that Tom might be playing Dr. Alchemy.

Kid Flash

The teaser also showed Wally West would be in a speedster suit. Yes, Wally will finally have powers in season 3 and will become the Kid Flash. The teaser revealed a standoff between Wally and another evil speedster, who is rumored to be the Black Racer. Jesse Quick will also return to the show as a guest star. However, the chances for her to become a speedster in this season are relatively less.

Black Racer

We have seen the Reverse Flash and Zoom as the main villains in the first two seasons. Now we finally have the Black Racer, who is one of the most dangerous villains in the history of The Flash comics. Unfortunately, the chances for a battle between Flash and Black Racer are pretty much less, because the show creators may be introducing a light version of Black Racer to fight against Wally in the Flashpoint timeline.

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