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11 Feb

Why DirecTV Has The Best NFL Offering


NFL Sunday Ticket

Sports channels aren’t hard to watch if you are subscribed to either of Dish and DirecTV, the premier satellite TV providers in the country. While everything else about them perpetuates a debate on which to choose, offerings of NFL football coverage are one area where the two players differ.

DirecTV has an advantage over its competitor, thanks to the NFL Sunday Ticket and NFL Sunday Ticket Max packages, which are every football fan’s ideal go-to the when watching Sunday games and highlights. If you are a football fan, following are the details you should be interested in.

Sports Package Options

DirecTV’s NFL offerings give it a step up on Dish, mainly due to the fact they are sitting on exclusive whole game coverage rights up to 2023. This is the main reason so many football fans opt for the service, and the contract was one of the conditions for A&T acquiring the provider last July. The packages allow all viewers to watch out-of-market Sunday games without interruption, and with league blackout rules, coverage is stretching to include even local games.

DirecTV Packages

The Best NFL Offer

The basic NFL Sunday Ticket package is not available with the standard packages, but need to be purchased for four installments of $39.99 each per season. What you get in this is live coverage of four to eight games, and scoreboards and clocks on the Mix channel. If a game is not displayed on-screen, you can get text updates through the scrolling ticket at the bottom of the screen.

Game selection can be done using the DirecTV remote. Real-time team and player statistics can also be viewed, as well as quarter-by-quarter scores and standings while the game play is ongoing. It is also possible to live-track stats for 20 selected players, and get live alerts of their significant plays the with the Player Tracker feature. NFL Sunday Ticket On-Demand lets you watch short recaps of every NFL Sunday Ticket game anytime during the week.

The NFL Sunday Ticket Max option costs extra on the standard packages – four installments of $49.99 each for a season. It has all the features of the basic NFL Sunday Ticket; plus you can get live video streaming to a tablet, computer or smartphone using a dedicated app. Besides, you get the chance to watch commercial-free 30-minute-or-less condensed replays of games, including those from the Sunday before. There is a Fantasy Zone channel based completely on fantasy football, with analysis, == and statistics.

Upgrading to the Sunday Ticket Max package can be done by getting it as a replacement add-on, or changing the basic channel package to the Choice offering or above.

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