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16 Feb

Why You Would Want To Sign Up For DirecTV

Cable TV Alternatives

DirecTV Pros

DirecTV is one of the biggest names in American homes. And it may even be the best, with or next to it if you consider its longtime rival Dish, and decide their options are more appealing and useful. But it has no other meaningful competition when it comes to HD video, variety of shows and channels, and affordable pricing. Also, it reaches most parts of the country. There is coverage as long as you are somewhere with clear view of the southern sky.

Why It Is Better Than Cable TV Providers

  • It has more non-stop HD channels than any cable provider does at this time.
  • DirecTV always ranks higher in the area of customer service.
  • It is also the leader in sports, offering out-of-market coverage of major league sports, through bestselling packages like NFL Sunday ticket so you don’t miss any game as a subscriber of this service.

How It Stacks Up Against Dish


Why Choose DirecTV

Being the largest satellite TV providers in the country means you are constantly forced to try and one-up each other and that is how DirecTV and Dish have been for decades. For TV viewers, this brings the benefit of improved offers, and provisions in their existing TV package. Following are some of the areas where Dish gets outdone.

  • It has 20 million customers compared to Dish’s 14 million. It is also widely hailed as number 1 satellite service, although to be fair Dish gets that a lot too.
  • It often rates as having the best customer service. The 2013 American Customer Satisfaction Index has beaming reviews for the satellite TV company.
  • The NFL Sunday ticket has always been DirecTV’s trump card. With this, sports subscribers can see all the football they ever want to, and it is always more than what Dish can offer since DirecTV has exclusive rights for a few more years.

Of course, Dish has some features which make it a more sensible choice for those 14 million people. Like if you are not particular about catching every detail of the Super Bowl, or want better hardware for the price you are paying, or free access to HD programming — without any monthly access fees leaving your pocket – then it is better to go with Dish. Ultimately, it all comes down to your need and preference.

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