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31 May

A Look At Dish Network’s HopperGo

Dish Network

Dish HopperGO

Dish Network has done a lot to make DVR content easier to watch while you are on the move. They have managed to do that with the help of the Hopper with Sling DVR, or as they now call it, Hopper 3. This set top box connects to the Dish Anywhere app in your mobile phone to give you the perfect solution to not being close to the TV. With an internet connection, many DVR devices send streams of content to a portable device, but the HopperGO does not have that requirement.

For $99, HopperGO also serves as a portable storage device for your DVR recordings, meaning you have a tiny drive filled with shows, which can be watched on a mobile phone over a wireless network. You can also connect your phone or tablet via USB. Some may say this is essentially a 64 GB memory card with copy protection that gets in the way of taking all the recordings with you. But there is more to the device than just that.

How It Looks

Dish Network Channel List

HopperGO DVR

HopperGO is a 2.6 x 0.7 inch square box with the corners rounded, bringing it up to about half the size of a widescreen phone. On the front panel, you have one power button and an indicator, while the back holds USB and micro USB ports set beside a reset button. The weight is around 2.4 ounces, so you can stuff it into your pocket quite easily. This is a Dish product through and through, with the HopperGO logo on the top side, and a red stripe running around the sides, same as the last Hopper and Joey boxes to hit the market.

HopperGO has 64 GB of space on its flash storage, which translates to roughly 100 hours of DVR recordings. Dish says this can last about 4 hours between two battery charges, although it is kind of low when you compare it beside most smartphones and tablets. One good thing is that HopperGO can be powered over USB if you don’t want to have to manage battery power.

Connecting And Using It

The HopperGO can be connected to directly, using the USB cable that comes with it. After that, the on-screen menu will show you how to install the Dish Anywhere app onto your device, if that wasn’t done already. The same app lets you access DVR recordings remotely on the HopperGO as well.

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