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23 May

A Look Back At The Basics Of Satellite TV

Dish Network Packages

Satellite TV Technology

Satellite TV is a form of television programming which uses a wireless delivery system that reaches TV sets across the world. This uses a network of radio signals, satellites, broadcast centers, and antennas placed outdoors. The signals themselves are transmitted from orbiting satellites, and then received by regional and local satellite TV systems.

How It Works

Satellite TV uses specialized antennas, also called satellite dishes. These are fitted to rooftops in order to be able to transmit signals to a receiver, such as a set top box or a tuner installed in your television set. The source of programming sends signals to the broadcast center, after which these are picked up by a compact dish and sent to your viewing device, which is the TV.

Video Content Delivery

Satellite TV service is also called direct-broadcast satellite (DBS or DBS TV). The provider selects programming that includes a wide range of channels, to be broadcasted to the subscriber based on the package they signed up for. Programming can be sent to either a digital satellite receiver or an analog receiver. Analog systems are being made obsolete, and have all but disappeared thanks to regulations by the FCC. Meanwhile, digital satellite TV has kept growing, with better quality video being offered to consumers as a result.

Dish Network Channel List

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Content is often High Definition, and is generally found to have greater picture and sound quality. Both satellite stations and broadcast TV stations transmit programming through the use of radio signals in the KU frequency range.

Breakdown Of Content Delivery

There are several key aspects involved in video content delivery, such as programming sources, satellite provider broadcast centers, satellites, dishes, and receivers. The sources mentioned here are networks or channels, which offer TV shows and movies for subscribers to watch.

The broadcast center is a space where TV providers get and send signals to orbiting satellites. Before the signals get sent out, the center converts programming into a digital stream. Then the satellites receive and process all of the uncompressed signals, sending them back to satellite dishes located around the world.

After this, the outdoor satellite takes up the signal and transmits it to the receiver inside the home. The receiver performs the function of processing information, by passing the received signal on to the viewer’s TV.

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