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06 Apr

A Note On Dish TV Installation

Dish Network Packages

Dish Installation Requirements

When you order Dish Network service, you are provided with standard professional installation of the service, and the greatest thing is that it is for free. Nevertheless, it is not provided in all areas. So you need to ask if you can get same day or next-day installation in your locality.

In areas where this offer is available, the customer can choose the installation date and time while placing the order. Dish installation is offered even on the weekends. So if you don’t want to take a leave on a working day, you can place the order on a Saturday or Sunday.

The standard installation service is offered from early morning to late night. According to the Dish Network customer support desk, the standard installation service is offered throughout the country.

Free Installation For Up To 6 Rooms

Dish Network Channel List

Dish Satellite Service

The standard free installation service is offered for up to six rooms. If you need the installation for multiple rooms, it is recommended to tell the professional installer in advance so that he can be prepared for the same.

Once you place the order and specify the date and time for the installation, the professional installer will visit your home and begin the installation process. If you have got any specific instructions or wishes, you just need to tell him the same and he would do it accordingly. Note that you may be required to pay additional charges if any of your existing devices need to be upgraded.

What You Need To Do When The Installation Is Going On

When the professional installer comes to you home for the installation, it is recommended that an adult person be present there. Nothing else is demanded from your end. The owner of the house has got the complete freedom to instruct the installer where to fix the dish – it should be in the right direction to get the signal though.

If the installation is just for one or two rooms, it would be completed within an hour. Once the equipments are installed, the installer would show you how to operate your television.

Being one of the popular satellite television services, Dish is going great for the last few years with better customer support, technical assistance, lineup of channels, and triple play deals. If you have got any further queries about Dish Network services, consider getting in touch with the customer support desk.

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