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17 Jun

ABC Affiliate WNEP TV, Newswatch 16 To Be Removed From Dish Network

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As per the recent reports in the media industry, the subscribers of Dish Network may lose the ABC affiliate WNEP TV, if a new contract is not signed before the expiry of the current contract. WNEP has already alerted the viewers on the possibility of losing the channel, with a notice posted on their official website. There is also a scrolling notice on the bottom of Newswatch 16 about the possible unavailability of the WNEP TV, Newswatch 16 on Dish Network channel guide.

Carl Abraham, who is the News Director at WNEP-TV said that their parent company, Tribune Broadcasting is currently negotiating with Dish Network and that they are hoping for good results. However, the home page of WNEP shares “It’s disgusting. On June 12, Dish may force Newswatch 16 off your lineup… so the channel you’re paying for may just disappear.”

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“It is necessary to let you know that should we not reach a new agreement by the expiration date and time, Dish can no longer carry this station,” the webpage states, noting that the contract with Dish to carry WNEP will expire at 07:00 p.m. on Sunday. It seems that WNEP need more money than what Dish is paying or willing to pay.

“We invest significant money and resources to serve our community. We seek only a fair agreement, one that recognizes the value we deliver to you, the subscriber. Without such fair compensation, we cannot deliver to you the programming that you value,” the company said.

The WNEP website also suggests users to call Dish Network customer service and let them know how much they value the station, and that they do not wish the channel transmission to be interrupted. The webpage also shares alternative options if Dish stops telecasting WNEP. The page asks the users to make use of an antenna to pick up the channel or even switch to some other satellite television provider.

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