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15 Mar

Dish Anywhere Service – Common Issues And Troubleshooting Steps

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Dish Anywhere Service

With its cost effective services, Dish has become one of the best satellite service providers in America. Dish now offers a variety of options like Dish Anywhere service and Hooper 3 DVR recording service.

While using the Dish Anywhere service, it is quite common to bump into minute problems at the start. But once you became familiar with these problems and know what to do in order to fix them, using the app will become quite handy. Below are some of the common problems you might encounter while using the Dish Anywhere app and the troubleshooting steps to fix them.

Login Issues

Login issues are common with any app, and it goes same for Dish Anywhere service as well. If you were facing login issues in yours, the following steps would help you deal with that.

First of all, ensure that you have registered a Dish Account. If the registration has failed, you would face login issues. Try re-registering your Dish account. After the registration is over, note down your ID and password, and enter them carefully while logging to the service. If you still face the same problem, get in touch with the Dish customer care center for advanced troubleshooting.

System Requirements For Dish Anywhere Service

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Anywhere System Requirements

Bandwidth – Dish requires a downstream bandwidth of 3Mbps. The higher the bandwidth, the better the playback experience will be. Use any online tools to test your bandwidth.

Operating system – Dish Anywhere service is compatible with all the latest Windows OS versions (starting from Windows 7). Likewise, you can use Macintosh OSX 10.9 or above to access the service.

Browser – Mozilla Firefox 33 or above, Google Chrome 38 or above, Safari 7 or above (applicable only for Macintosh), and Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or above (applicable only for Windows). Make sure that your browser has cookies and JavaScript enabled. Likewise, you must have Adobe-Flash Player 11.0 or above installed in your browser.

Extensions – Enable Dish Anywhere Video Player extension in your Google Chrome browser in order to stream and watch videos. It is not recommended to disable or remove the browser extensions for the sake of disabling the Dish Anywhere service. In case you want to disable Dish Anywhere Video Player extension in Google Chrome, do it via the Control Panel option on Windows.

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