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04 Oct

Dish Comes Down Hard On Satellite Pirates

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Satellite Pirates

Piracy problem, these days, involve either actual pirates or Game of Thrones. However, Dish Network is planning to focus on a more traditional problem, piracy of their satellite feeds. Dish has been much busy filing civil lawsuits against pirates and they were charging a fine of ten thousand dollars for borrowing Dish Network satellite feed without paying for the same.

In simple words, piracy of satellite feeds involves hacking a Dish satellite signal, so that the signal can be decrypted without the need for any authorization. This can be very easy for people who buy hacking tricks from another person or a business. The steps are easier than you think, but the problem here is that many people do not understand how illegal the process is, or at the worst, they don’t even know that they are doing it.

Dish Network

Chinese Pirate Broadcast

As per the words of one of the offenders who was asked to pay the fine, he bought a set top box off the internet, and didn’t know that the same was hacked. The story can be right or wrong, but Dish Network does not care. Dish is not going to stop; they are going after the hackers, especially when it is a matter of protecting their pay-per-view content that they consider really valuable.

Dish is going for the crackdown, as it works perfectly. Dish Network has successfully sued a Chinese pirate broadcast network this year (which manufactured hacking devices that helps pirates to make their work easy), and won 3.6 million dollars by suing a person who trafficked the serve passcodes of Dish. These passcodes can be used to hack Dish security on the software level.

These satellite piracy cases are much easy to prove than the online piracy cases, as it involves trails that can be followed easily to figure out the culprits. It is good that Dish is trying to make a statement here by going after the hackers, even though the world of satellite hacking is very small when compared to the internet hacking scenario.

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