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11 Apr

Dish Hopper 3 Brings 4K Programming From Netflix

Dish Network

Netflix 4K

Dish’s integration of Netflix into its set top offering was a brow raising development when it happened a couple months back, but now the provider has gone a step further with it and added 4K support. It is their answer to rival DirecTV’s new 4K channel – you can now watch 4K content from Netflix using the Hopper 3 DVR. The shows in the option include Daredevil and House of Cards.

Looking at it another way, Hopper 3 has officially become one of the five set-top devices, which can play Netflix 4K content. The others are Roku 4, Nvidia Shield, TiVo’s Bolt, and Amazon’s Fire TV. Netflix will also be delivering 4K videos which you can watch on smart TVs made by a range of companies manufacturers, including TCL, Sony, LG and Samsung.

Cable TV Alternatives

4K On Hopper

What needs to be noted about 4K Netflix streams on the Hopper is that it is a way for Dish Network to deliver ultra-high resolution content to subscribers. Until now, they just had a rig capable of playing 4K video, and the option to get said video on-demand. For Pay TV operators, it has been a long haul adding 4K content to their programming lineup since the technology was announced some 2 years ago, and viewing was made possible in millions of homes across the country. The only thing standing in the way was the lack of networks carrying and broadcasting 4K content.

Dish was among the first US pay-TV companies to pair up with Netflix, and managed to add a dedicated app for accessing streamed content, by 2014. Other pay-TV companies have been less friendly in dealing with what is now the most popular of cable TV alternatives, typified by Comcast refusing to add it to their X1 cable box.

Netflix brought out 4K streaming as far back as in 2014, and has been busy growing the 4K content slate. By the end of the year, the service aims to provide around 600 hours of 4K programming for streaming. Still, consumers will have to dish out (no pun indented) extra to be able to use their 4K TVs when they stream Netflix. Only those subscribers who get the $12 a month premium plan can see the titles being shown in ultra HD. Considering those include Daredevil and House of Cards, it is a no-brainer for many, and a win for Dish.

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