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23 Mar

DISH Introduces Sports Bar Mode On Hopper 3 As NCAA Tournament Games Starts

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If you look at the satellite service providers now, it seems that they are totally lost in the business of wooing customers as the March Madness – NCAA Tournament Games starts off. Dish Network came up with a brand new feature in the wake of the tournament. It has introduced a feature called Sports Bar Mode, also known as Multi-View, on its Hopper 3. The details of the same can be found in the Dish Network channel guide.

What Is Sports Bar Mode?

Sports Bar Mode is a multi-channel view that divides a 4K or HDTV screen into quadrants, each with the ability to display different programs. This is a new feature that works on the basis of decoding any of the four different feeds available on the network. All the four of them are being displayed simultaneously.

Dish Network shipped Sports Bar Mode in its latest software update. Sources close to the Dish Network say that this feature was introduced at the right time when the March Madness NCAA tournament is flagged off. The NCAA tournament is to be aired across four different channels.

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Sports Bar Mode

The NCAA matches are scheduled to show several basketball matchups at the same time. You can view them even within the first two rounds. Besides Sports Bar Mode, Dish Network’s latest software update has included a number of other features as well, which include general bug fixes and performance enhancements.

According to Dish Network representatives, the new technology will improve the user experience of viewing multiple games simultaneously. It will allow you to watch all of your favorite sports events or matches from the convenience of your home throughout the month of March.

Dish’s programming lineup will enable the Sports Bar Mode to work with all live, linear channels in. Besides that, users will be able to watch pre-recorded movies and TV shows with the Hopper 3 device as well.

In order to access this feature, all that a customer has to do is to press the Options button on their remote control and then choose Picture In Picture. This will enable the Multi-View option, dividing the screen into quadrants. Thereupon, you can choose among the four channels and decide which one to watch.

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