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30 Jun

Dish Network Brings Cuban Channels To Their Lineup

Dish Network Channel Guide

Cuban Channels In US

Dish Network recently launched a Cuban channel, namely Cubamax TV, for the Cuban immigrants in the United States. The satellite TV giant said that the channel will not be featuring any political or news programs as for now, but will be focusing on children’s programming, music videos, comedy shows, and reality shows.

Speaking on the matter, Alfredo Rodriguez, Vice President of DishLATINO said, “Connecting viewers with their heritage and culture is at the heart of the DishLATINO brand promise, and today marks an important milestone as we deliver movies and TV shows from Cuba that was previously unavailable. With an estimated two million Cubans living in the U.S. and many others eager to learn about the island’s rich culture, we’re excited to provide a window into the arts and entertainment world of Cuba.”

Cubamax TV’s arrival into the US is a part of a grant strategy to reestablish diplomatic relationship with Cuba. A large number of American celebrities have gone to Havana in the past two years. Even the shoot location for the next Fast and Furious movie is in Havana. Paris Hilton also hosted a series of her shows there.

Dish Network Channel Guide

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Cubamax TV has its headquarters in Miami, where producers of the channel will select and combine different programs from Cuba into one channel, and send them to subscribers.

It is said that the channel will air Cuba’s most popular TV show, “Vivir del Cuento,” featuring comedian Luis Silva, who acts as an 80-year-old character Pánfilo, trying to navigate the realities of life in Cuba. President Obama appeared in a skit in the show, which gave more popularity to the show. It even won the award for Most Popular TV Show in Cuba for many years.

Other major shows to be aired in Cubamax include Al Compás Del Son, a short story centered on a love story, and Sonando en Cuba, a singing reality show, showing artists performing popular Cuban music.

Cubamax TV is available to new and existing DishLATINO customers subscribing to Clasico, Dos, Max, Plus, and Bonus Pack Dish Network packages. Sling Latino customers will also get the channel in the upcoming weeks.

DishLATINO is a leading Spanish and English language programming packages in the United States. It offers more than 40 Spanish-language news, sports and entertainment channels along with more than 200 English channels. DishLATINO subscribers can get Hopper DVR and in-language customer service.

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