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20 Jul

Dish Network Brings French Packages To The Subscribers

Dish Network Channels

Dish French Channels

Dish Network offers more than 270 international channels in 28 languages. Dish Network has an abundant number of international channels and many international packages are offered to the subscribers. Here are the French channel packages available to Dish Network subscribers.

French Bouquet

Many different varieties of French and African programs are included in this package. The channels offered in this package provide quality entertained programs that include news, excellent drama serials, musical programs, movies, documentaries, children’s programs, cultural programs, game shows, and much more. Here are some of the channels which are available in this package.

EuroNews (EURNS)

EuroNews is currently available in English and Portuguese in the Dish Network, and is one of the most watched channels in Europe. This channel brings news from a European perspective, and updates viewers with live news coverage. News, discussions, and interviews related to sports, business, current affairs, and many other incredible programs are available in this channel.

TV5 Monde (TV5) HD

TV5 Monde (TV5) HD features quality entertaining programs from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec, and Canada. Latest news updates, documentaries, movies, and sports events are also available in this channel. The live coverage of French soccer league is another highlight of this channel.

Luxe TV (LUXE)

LUXE, being the first international television network channel dedicated to lifestyle and luxury. The channel features exciting shows related to lifestyle and luxury. Dish Network currently broadcasts the channel in English and French.

Trace Urban (TRACE)

Dish Network

Dish Network Packages

Trace Urban channel is broadcasted from Paris and is a 24-hour music video channel. Different varieties of music programs can be found in this channel. Furthermore, more than 700 different music videos are aired on this channel per week.

Afrotainment Movies (AFRO)

Some of the best African movies and TV shows from Nollywood and major motion picture houses are broadcasted on this amazing channel. In addition to that, popular English and French movies are also available on Afrotainment Movies.

France 24 (FRN24)

France 24 is a 24-hour news channel that brings latest news updates from a French perspective. People living away from home can get updates on the latest happenings in their country with this channel.

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