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08 Jul

Dish Network Focuses On Sling TV

Dish Network

Sling TV

Zacks investment Research has now upgraded Dish Network Corporation to Zacks Rank #3 (Hold) from number 4. Dish Network is now aiming the expansion of their internet TV service, Sling TV, as their pay TV offerings are suffering the ill effects of cord cutting.

Sling TV

Dish Network opened their account in Over-the-Top (OTT) video delivery market with the launch of their Sling TV services. This is the internet TV offering from Dish Network. Unlike the conventional cable networks, users do not need to sign up for the services or buy any extra hardware to avail these services.

Sling TV service is supported by Android, iOS, and Roku devices. Another advantage is that the service is available for very low prices. The cheapest pack starts at just 20 dollars a month.

Dish Network Corporation

Dish Network Packages

Sling TV offers access to channels like Disney and ESPN, and they have now rolled out an app for Apple TV platform as well. Moreover, Sling recently added 20 new channels of VIAB network to its lineup, which is sure to attract even more customers. Dish Network is bound to face competition from the merger between TWC and Charter Communications though, as the merged entity has subscriber base of 24 million. This will be a big competition for Sling TV.

Digital Ad Market And Internet TV

In the digital world, broadcasting companies are trying to offer data driven audience based advertisements. This type of advertising is gaining much popularity in the internet world, and streaming TV services will benefit from these broadcasters. As Dish offers both pay TV and internet TV services, digital marketers will be particularly happy with the provider.

As per the recent reports, the top line of Dish Network will be under pressure, as they failed to make a deal with wireless operators to make a wireless network across the nation. This has limited the reach of Sling TV services, and the service is only available in metro cities that have high-speed internet connectivity.

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