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19 Jul

Dish Network Increased Their Coverage With Ariane 5 ECA Satellite Launch

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Ariane 5 ECA completed its 72nd consecutive successful mission by placing the commercial telecommunication satellites into geostationary orbits for Dish Network of US and BRI bank of Indonesia on June 18. Both the satellites were built by California-based Systems Loral of Palo Alto and are working fine after separation from the rocket.

Ariane 5 vehicle completed its third mission this year, which was controlled by Europe Guiana Space Centre spaceport situated in South America’s North Eastern coast. Ariane 5 even registered a new record by lifting a c0mbined weight of 9,503 kg, which is 337 kg more than the previous record set back in February 2013.


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Direct broadcast television satellite for Dish, EchoStar 18, weighed around 6,300 kg, where BRI Bank’s BRIsat telecommunication satellite weighed around 3,54o kg. Stephan Israel, Arianespace Chief Executive said that the company’s industrial team guided by Airbus Safran Launchers has elevated the ceiling by achieving Ariane 5 ECA’s record performance of 1,400 kg in the past 15 years, and is planning to break the current record by adding another 300 kg by 2018.

The event also marked the first ever effort to launch a commercial satellite for a bank. Indonesia-based BRI bank’s telecommunication satellite, BRIsat, houses 9 Ku-band and 36 C-band transponders, which is intended for providing services to its 10,600 branches all over Indonesia. The satellite will be operating from 150.5° East longitude covering Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, and Indonesia.

EchoStar 18 built for Colorado-based Dish Network will enhance its North America direct-broadcast television service. EchoStar Corp., a sister company of Dish Network, which are both owned by Charlie Ergen, ordered for the satellite. EchoStar Corp. has not disclosed the particulars of the satellite yet, but an official reported that the satellites have 61 transponders. The satellite will be operating from 110° West longitude and have 100 spot beams.

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