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19 Jul

Dish Network Introduces Voice Remote For Hopper 3 And 4K Joey Devices

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Voice Remote For Hopper

Most of us do not really use buttons for home control anymore. Touch screen home applications have been one of the most efficient methods these days, although some of them are dearly expensive. The increased popularity of incorporating advanced technologies in home appliances has urged Dish Network to develop a voice recognition technology into the home product.

Dish Network delivered their promise to introduce voice controlled remote for Hopper 3 Whole-Home DVR. Though they successfully completed the task earlier in January, it has taken quite some time for the voice enabled remote to hit the market.

Even though voice control is the highlight of the remote, a much more efficient and renovated model is developed by the Dish Network. The new remote, which came after the launch of Hopper 3, has eliminated many unnecessary buttons and made it simple. The new Voice Remote is smaller and has much lesser buttons when compared to its predecessor.

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Dish Voice Remote

The presence of a clickable touchpad is also enabled in the remote, which resembles a smartphone with its dimensions being 5.59 x 2.25 x 1.02 inches. Despite the fact that the remote is specifically designed for Hopper 3, it can also be used with 4K Joey boxes. Unfortunately, the remote will not work with standard Joey boxes.

The voice remote can be purchased either by calling the Dish Network or by ordering it online. Turn on your receiver and TV once you receive the remote and then press the SAT button on your remote and System Info button on Hopper 3 or 4K Joey device to pair the equipments. Even though the set up can be achieved with ease, it might take a day or two to fully adapt with the new remote.

The arrows, selection buttons, and number buttons are absent in the voice enabled remote. However, the numbers will appear in the touchpad area if you press the 123 button in the upper right corner. The remote also lacks the little magnifying glass search option, as it has become a part of the voice features. In addition to that, Dish has also said that the remote is capable of controlling two IR devices.

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