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27 Dec

Dish Network Not Planning To Make Any Announcements In Annual CES Presentation

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It seems as if Dish Network has made CES Las Vegas, a place, where they make their biggest announcements. However, one of the representatives from Dish Network recently told the media that they would not be conducting their annual press conference at CES 2017. When asked about the event being shelved this year, the representative said, “In recent years, CES has been great for us but our timing is on a bit of a different cycle. Hope to see you there!”

In recent years, the presentation of Dish Network has been one of the highlights of the mega show. Dish has used CES to make some of their biggest announcements. For instance, in 2012, Dish introduced the Hopper DVR, signaling the features of the last generation of advanced DVR set top boxes. In 2015, Dish network debuted the Sling TV service, which proved to be the major virtual TV service and the forerunner of all internet based streaming services.

With Sling TV increasing its user base and the satellite-based service of Dish network in full retreat, the decision of Dish Network to shelve presentation for this year might prove costly to the provider. The tech world might be waiting for new and splashy announcements from Dish Network, and millions of promoters would be disappointed with no Dish announcement at the event.

Sling TV service from Dish has been active on announcement front. They are trying to stay relevant, as their competitor AT&T has launched DirecTV Now internet based video service. Earlier this month, Sling TV had announced that they are testing a cloud DVR for selected users who make use of Roku boxes to get the service. Experts say that this significant news could have been held back for CES press release.

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It is to be noted that Dish Network has reported a loss of 116,000 users in the third quarter of 2016. However, analysts speculated that the decline in traditional satellite service users of Dish Network increased much after the number of Sling TV users started to climb.

According to analyst Craig Moffett, “AT&T’s planned $35 DirecTV Now service appears poised to strike right at the heart of Sling TV, which has been the sole glimmer of growth in Dish’s core business. By our estimates, Dish lost 320K traditional satellite subscribers in Q3, and has lost 949K over the past year.

“Their legacy subscriber base has shrunk by 8.1 percent year over year! That decline has been at least partially offset by the growth of Sling TV, which has added an estimated 517K subscribers over the past four quarters, cutting Dish Network’s overall annual decline rate to 3.1%. In Q3, we estimate that they added another 204K,” Moffett added.

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