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24 Aug

Dish Network Offers Exclusive Taiwanese Programs

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Taiwanese Package

Dish Network is one of the leading and most popular satellite providers in the country. There are numerous packages offered by Dish Network to their subscribers, and the international packages offered have always been the most admired ones in their bag.

Taiwanese Mega and Taiwanese Elite are the two Taiwanese packages offered by the Dish Network. The best and most popular Taiwanese channels, which broadcast excellent Taiwanese programs, are available to Dish subscribers through these packages. Let us take a look on the Taiwanese Mega package and learn about some of the channels in this package.

Taiwanese Mega

This is the best Taiwanese package available to the subscribers. The channels in this package offer political news shows, live news coverage, entertaining TV shows, blockbuster movies, and shows for kids. What’s more, six of the most popular Mandarin channels are also included in this package. Here are some of the popular channels included in the Taiwanese Mega package.


PAS channel features different varieties of television programming, such as live news coverage, mini-series, popular TV shows, children’s program, and Chinese operas. In addition to these programs, Taiwanese and Mandarin soap operas are also available on this channel.


Some of the most popular news shows such as News Night club are available on this channel. This talk show focuses on the current political and economic issues in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. TVBS also hosts some of the most popular drama series, musical programs, and many other entertaining shows.

Sky Link Television 2

Historical, romance, comedy, contemporary, and kung-fu related drama series are aired on this channel. In addition to this popular TV shows, musical, and lifestyle programs, are also featured in Sky Link Television 2.


The programs of this channel are mainly focused on family viewers. Education programs, history, legend, and real-life dramas, are the prime highlights of this channel.

JET TV International

Dish Network Channel Guide

Exclusive International Package

Programs related to fashion, latest trends, scenic sports, custom, and culture are broadcasted on this channel. In addition to these exceptional programs, travelogues and urban dramas are also aired on JET.

Sky Link Television

Many different varieties of entertaining programs are available on this channel. This channel is mainly focused on North American Chinese audience.

In addition to these channels, Taiwanese Mega package also contains several more entertaining channels, which offer quality programs to the subscribers.

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