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09 Nov

Dish Network Predicts From User Data That Clinton Will Win

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The “Viewers To Voters” Predictive Model

We all may have thought the surprise announcement of FBI Director Jamey Comey that Hilary Clinton email probe is closed again will the big factor affecting the race with Donald Trump, but as per Dish Network, it will be Clinton who will win the race. This is as per America’s TV viewing choices. Dish Network predicts that Hilary Clinton will be taking the oath to become the President.

The “Viewers to Voters” predictive model analyzed the viewership data as who watches what can help determine the outcome of the election. The result of the analysis showed Democrats keeping the White House but Republicans retaining the control.

The people at Dish Network believe that what the viewers tend to watch reveals their political leanings. For example, they say that subscribers who watch sports, family oriented television, or religious programming are likely to pull the lever for GOP. However, subscribers who watch education and music programs, as well as series and special programs, are likely to support Democrats. Dish has access to the viewer data and based on the numbers that they have seen so far, they suggest that the Democrat-leaning viewers outnumber the Republican viewers.

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US Presidential Election

It is true that Dish Network does not have any idea about the number of viewers watching the campaigns on DirecTV and other TV providers, so how reliable can Dish Network’s prediction be? Dish said that they had deployed the analysis before two years during mid-term elections and their forecast was 98% accurate. It could be true, but the presidential race is not like any other elections. One candidate has been investigated by the FBI and the other was bragging about his power over women.

What is not clear from the viewership analysis of Dish Network though is the number of customers who were desperately searching for something on TV to watch to divert and distract from the election. The company said, “Sufficient historical viewership data was not available to meaningfully predict the state of the Senate.”

Warren Schlichting, Dish executive vice president of media sales, marketing and programming said, “We recognize that our on the distribution of seats in the House may be an outlier. Yet when we tested the model against 2014 House elections, we found that we were able to predict the outcome at a 98 percent reliability point.”

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