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23 Feb

Dish Network Reports Rise In Annual Revenue In 2015

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Dish Network Corporation, one of the most popular satellite service providers in America, has reported a record rise in its annual revenue for the year 2015. The company said its revenue increased by 0.5 billion in 2015 from the previous year. The total revenue in 2014 was $14.5 billion whereas in 2015, it went up to $15 billion.

The operating income of the company in 2015 was $1.3 billion 2015, which was $1.8 billion in 2014. Last year, a few factors like FCC auction expense had a negative impact on the company’s operating income – the report says. The company had to cope with long-livered assets expenses, which cost about $123 million along with an FCC auction expense of $516 million. However, the company has managed to retain its customers and increase its revenue through attractive packages.

If you look at the Dish Network channel guide, Dish offers more affordable packages than any other leading satellite service providers in America. The rate of Dish Network channels start at a very affordable rate.

In contrast to the previous years, Dish included its Sling TV subscribers in its total Pay-TV metrics of 2015. This included Pay-TV ARPU, Pay-TV churn rate numbers and Pay-TV subscribers.

Unexpected Rise In The Number Of New Subscribers

Dish Network Channels

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Meanwhile, Dish said that it had experienced an unexpected rise in the number of new subscribers in 2015. There were about 2.773 million new Pay-TV subscribers for Dish in 2015, whereas it was 2.601 million in the previous year. The company claims that the rise in new subscribers is due to the better deals and packages announced in the beginning of year.

Dish Network channel guide gives a detailed picture about the new packages offered by the company. The packages and deals offered by Dish is compelling cable television subscribers and other satellite service subscribers to leave them for Dish services.

The reports further says that Dish is the only satellite service provider that has earned new subscribers while there was a trend among people to leave Pay-TV services for combo deals.

In addition to adding more subscribers to its Pay-TV stream, Dish has also managed to attract many newcomers to its broadband services. As per the reports, it has added approximately 46,000 net broadband subscribers in 2015. Currently, Dish has more than 623,000 broadband users in the country.

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