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27 Oct

Dish Network Subscribers Can Now Access NBA Team Pass

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NBA Team Pass

NBA Team Pass will now be available in Dish Network packages. This latest single team offering can be purchased for $119 and its addition will allow Dish subscribers to follow their favorite NBA team throughout the regular season. Dish Network will also offer both live and out-of-market games to the customers who subscribe to this service.

Josh Clark, VP of Programming for Dish Network said, “As the NBA laces up for a new season, DISH is giving customers the choice of following the entire league or picking their favorite team. Now an NBA fan on the East Coast who wants to follow just their favorite West Coast team can opt for NBA Team Pass.” However, reports claim that Dish Network will continue to offer NBA League Pass to their subscribers as well.

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NBA League Pass

The NBA League Pass package allows the subscribers to get the complete coverage of all regular season matches at $199 along with 40 live out-of-market games. In addition to that, the On Demand coverage of games and expert opinion and statistics on each NBA game will also be available in this offering.

Dish Network is also offering a free preview of NBA League Pass to their subscribers, which began on October 25, and will be available up to November 1. This free preview will allow Dish Network subscribers access to the games of the favorite NFL teams or even to the whole league in the preview period.

The NBA League Pass and NBA Team Pass packages for the 2016-2017 regular season can be easily purchased by contacting your local Dish Network authorities. Dish Network has also allowed their subscribers to pay the fee for NBA Team Pass in four installments of $29.75, whereas Dish subscribers will have to pay four installments of $49.75 in order to get NBA League Pass.

In addition to the free preview of these two channels, Dish Network is also offering a free preview of NHL Center Ice, which offers the subscribers access to all regular season NHL games played outside the local market.

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