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29 Dec

Dish Network Subscribers Lose Access To KFQX Contents

Dish Network

Dish Network Subscribers

Dish Network subscribers will no longer be able to access KFQX contents and the Fox programming it offers. This is because the leading cable/satellite provider has failed to reach a settlement with the television station. In addition to that, Dish Network customers will not be able to access both College football and NFL games through these networks.

The networks offered by this station have already been blacked out from the channel lineup of Dish Network, since December 22 to be exact. The officials from KFQX claim that the provider has refused to pay a fair value for the exceptional contents they are offering, which includes popular TV series such as Empire, Lethal Weapon, and Gotham.

Satellite and cable companies must sign an agreement with the local television stations, if they want to bring the stations to customers through the local stations distribution system – this is usually known as retransmission consent. If both the parties fail to reach an agreement, then the satellite or cable company cannot include those particular stations in their distribution system.

Millions of dollars are being invested by each local station in order to bring entertaining and high quality programs to the viewers including popular TV shows, local news update, exclusive coverage of popular sports events, and a lot more. So, these local stations expect a fair payment from the providers, if they want to use their distribution system. In the current scenario, the local station is not happy with the payment offered by Dish Network.

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Channel Blackouts

Interestingly, many customers raised questions on why Dish Network should pay the local stations when they are actually being offered as free over the air. Even Dish Network responded to this issue by claiming that KFQX is actually responsible for the “blacking out” of its signal from the Dish Network channel list.

However, it is said that Dish Network is using the local station as a tool to urge the customers to subscribe to their offerings. The officials from KFQX claim that because Dish Network is using their station in order to lure in customers and make money, they must pay a fair economic value to the programs offered by the local network.

No matter what, recent reports indicate that Dish Network is trying to reach a settlement with the local station. However, we don’t know when will this dispute end or when will Dish subscribers be able access the programming offered by KFQX.

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