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05 May

Dish Network To Repair Smartphones Now

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Dish Network

Dish recently announced that they are getting into smartphone repairs. Thus, anyone in the U.S. who wants his device fixed or replaced can request for the service online. After receiving the message online, they will send out their technicians to handle the job.

For starters, Dish is focusing only on iPhone models, ranging from 5 through 6; newer and older models are not part of the agenda yet. However, in the coming months, they will be adding Android phones as well. They will also use only high quality replacement products from reputed third parties for the repairs.

For an iPhone 6 Plus, prices for the service may vary from $224.98 – if you are replacing both the display and battery. Nevertheless, if it is just a battery swap, prices start at $74.99. If going for only screen repairs, then the cost would be $134.99 for a 4-inch iPhone models, $184.99 for iPhone 6 Plus, and $154.99 for the iPhone 6 model.

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It might sound a little bit expensive than the services given at a nearby repair shop, but Dish reaches your doorstep to provide the services. Also, though the prices are very high compared to the services you might get at an Apple Store, the tragedy is they are not located everywhere, and not everyone is willing to go to a store to fix their phone.

“Fixing your phone shouldn’t mean losing your phone for days on end, so we come to you – whether you are at the office, the gym, or even the coffee shop,” John Swieringa, Dish’s Executive Vice President of Operations, said in a press release.

Appointment can be fixed within two hours for any day of the week, even for the same day and they are also giving a 60-day warranty. But there is a “drive me” option for $35, and if the consumers are willing to pay that fee, any number of phones can be fixed by the same technician.

As Dish has a huge fleet of techs throughout the country, this is just another task that is going to compliment the satellite service provider. The best part is, you can check all the details of the technician who is repairing your device on the website.

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