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09 Aug

Dish Offers Low Cost Packages Without Sports Channels

Dish Network Channel List

Dish’s New Package

Dish Network is offering a new package of 50 cable channels for non-sports enthusiasts without some sports channels. The new package by Dish plans to reduce the growing trend of cord cutting.

Sports channels are one of the most expensive channels for satellite and cable companies, and having these channels in your bundle pushes up your cable bill, even if you are not watching them. The new flexible pack from Dish starts at just $30 a month, compared to a big cable bundle that costs about $90.

Interestingly, Dish is not the first distributer to give out small bundles. Comcast and Verizon have similar low cost packages. Verizon even offered ESPN and some other channels as add-ons to smaller packages. FiOS Custom TV also has 2 packages with and without sports channels.

Craig Moffett from MoffettNathanson Research said in a press release that Custom TV has “been diluted pretty badly” with the changes. He further added that more satellite and cable companies would be following the example of Dish if the entertainment companies do not raise any complaints. But, it will be a boon for subscribers who do not watch sports.

Dish Network

Package without Sports Channel

Warren Schlichting, executive vice president of marketing, programming, and media sales for Dish Network said that, “customers are frustrated with having to pay for hundreds of channels, most of which they never watch. Flex Pack provides a level of flexibility and control that brings our customers closer to the ideal of fully tailoring their channel lineup.”

Schlichting also added that the new small Dish Network package would be competing with their own bigger existing packages. The Flex package by Dish has nearly 50 popular channels including AMC, Food Network, FX, A&E, and CNN. There are eight groups of add-ons containing sports, news, and kids channels in the pack as well.

Even though it is cheaper than other Dish Network packages, it will not be having Fox News, ESPN, and Disney Channel. Therefore, if you need these channels, then you will have to add some other packs that will hike the bill to nearly $80. Flex packages will be considered successful only if “much lower than a majority” of subscribers select them.

“The more successful these sports-less bundles are, the more I think you’ll see it replicated by peers,” says Rich Greenfield, BTIG analyst. But this won’t be good for ESPN network, which has already lost a lot of customers.

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