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23 Jun

Dish Sues Tribune For Besmirching Their Repute

Dish Network

Dish Network Services

Dish and Tribune broadcasting has been in the news these days for their dispute over the carrier charges. The recent development is that Dish has now sued Tribune claiming that the broadcaster has encouraged viewers to end their contract with Dish and switch to other TV service providers. The lawsuit is filed in a US District Court and alleges “interference with contractual relations.”

As per the lawsuit, Tribune has made websites that tells viewers about Dish not transmitting the Tribune channels. Tribune network has used words like ‘dishturbing’ and ‘dishgusting’ in the website, which according to Dish is an illegitimate use of the trademarked Dish logo and name. Together with these words, the misuse of the brand logo and name has negatively affected Dish and had bad impact on the value of the brand.

Dish Network Channels

Dish Channels

Recently, Dish had asked Tribune to agree to arbitration to stop the blackout of the channels. Forty-two stations of Tribune have gone dark on 12 June for 50 million Dish Network users, following a failure in renewal of the contract between Dish and Tribune. The issue started when Dish did not agree to increase the price paid to Tribune for carrying their stations.

Tribune media executives said that they tried repeatedly to negotiate with the officials of Dish Network and even offered an extension to stop the channels broadcast until 31 August. Dish Network rejected the extension offer though, and stayed firm in their decision on not to increase the amount paid.

“Dish has run to a courthouse to wage its campaign of delay and distraction, rather than sit down at the negotiating table and come to terms on a new contract,” Tribune spokesman Gary Weitman said in a news release. “This lawsuit is baseless and we will respond to it in court.” The users may need to wait until the court come up with a decision in the case.

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