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24 Jun

Dish To Get Five Million Dollars From TV Net

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As per the ruling of a Florida federal judge, a broadcast company that distributes foreign language TV channels has to pay about 5 million dollars to Dish Network as a compensation for the copyright infringement suit filed by them.

U.S. District Judge, Carlos E. Mendoza, granted the motion of Dish for default judgment and permanent injunction, and asked TV Net Solutions LLC to pay a sum of 4.975 million dollars to Dish Network. The judge has also asked TV Net Solutions LLC to stop transmission of those channels for which Dish has exclusive transmission rights.

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Dish Network had sued TV Net and Mohammad Mustafa, who is the co-founder, owner, and CEO of the company. Dish had accused the channel for unfair competition and copyright infringement. As per the documents of the court, both the parties reached a settlement, according to which, the defendant agreed to pay the said compensation amount to Dish Network.

The satellite TV company, however, recently said that TV Net and Mustafa made an initial payment of $25,000, but did not make any more payments and they are still advertising, broadcasting, and offering equipment and services that were deemed illegitimate earlier. Dish filed instant breach-of-contract lawsuit after that to get the rest of the settlement money and the fees of the attorney. Judge Mendoza entered the judgment favoring Dish Network and declared that the case is closed.

The original copyright infringement complaint from Dish said that offered high quality TV streams online, particularly Arabic channels, for the US viewers. They called themselves the “leading provider of Arabic content in the United States, with several years of experience and a large customer base,” the suit said.

The viewers can get the Dish channels from TV Net by just paying for their streaming services or for a set-top box and subscription. The lawsuit was settled and an injunction was delivered in 2014. Mustafa and TV Net owed three payments to Dish Network due in July, September, and November. With the latest ruling, TV Net has to pay the complete compensation money to Dish Network by the end of this year.

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