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06 May

Dish Will Repair Your IPhones

Dish Network

Dish Phone Repair

With nearly 14 million subscribers, expanding its business is apparently still very much in Dish’s agenda. The company has announced that it will repair iPhones for consumers around the country. Found in 50 states, the service will send out a “fleet of professional technicians” to fix cracked phone screens, and resolve one of the biggest issues iPhone users have – a weak battery.

The program is being called “Smart Phone Repair,” and will be available this week. The thing, leaving people scratching their heads though, is why a satellite broadcasting company would want to help people with their phones. Dish has also said that it will send technicians to wherever customers want, for a flat fee of $35. The company statement says they are giving appointments seven days a week including same-day and next-day availability, and offering guarantee for repair work with a 60-day warranty.

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Dish To Repair Phones

For iPhone owners fixing their cracked phone panel or replacing the battery can be a hard thing to accomplish if they happen to be outside of the warranty period. These people generally either pay to get the device fixed from Apple, or use a third-party repair company so they can save some cash. The quality of these replacements could vary, however. Dish said about its replacements, that it would use only “high-quality” parts, which will be sourced from “respected” third parties.

Moving from television to iPhone repairs may seem to be a big leap for the company, but a representative responded that the TV providers might actually be more “well-positioned” to fix these phones, owing to the “mobile network of professional technicians.” The Dish spokesperson also added that the company would be expanding to throw in more services than repairs and replacements.

“Dish has a nationwide network of trusted technicians who deliver a consistent, exceptional experience for our customers as they visit 20,000 homes daily,” she said, an apparently over the last five years, the company has been giving a wide variety of in-home services other than getting the television service to perform through the “Smart Home Services” program. That service also allows customers to install and mount televisions, as well as set up sound systems and in-home wireless network.

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