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10 Mar

Dish’s 3-Year Fixed Price Deal

Dish Network

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network has many features to their service that makes it one of the leading satellite TV providers in the country. Their packages are priced so favorably that Dish packages are often the first choice when a person or family switches to sat-TV.

Most of these deals come on the table when you sign up for a year or longer, but Dish also has a relatively new provision in its packages – unchanging price of services for the first three years. That means the Dish Network channels guide is no longer the only thing you should be checking before you sign up.

Check For Guaranteed Unchanging Price Deals

In a break from what you would expect from most sat-TV providers, Dish now has a very transparent policy regarding the deals you avail from them. In addition, they do not change the specifications and leave a customer feeling like they picked the short straw. Signing up for a special deal means you will receive the benefits promised with it.

Getting The Same Package Deal For The First Three Years

To get this additional guarantee, all you need to do now is sign up for a TV package from the provider for 2 years. Once that deal is signed, you get charged the same price every month. New customers during that period would be affected by any price changes, but not you.

The Same-Price Deals Offered Currently

Dish Network Channels

Dish 3 Years Price Deals

Right now, this deal covers select packages from Dish, such as America’s Top 120 Plus. It carries 190 channels, with a monthly charge of $49.99 plus taxes. Dish promises there are no hidden fees in this. America’s Top 120 Plus has over 50 free premium channels.

You also get local sports and regular channels inside the bundle, as well as free HD service. If you haven’t tried that last one, then prepare to have your world rocked. Nothing beats the feel of HD TV after you have known it once. Dish’s package also has free Netflix streaming for a year, and when you buy a same-price package, there is also guaranteed free installation thrown in, which includes setting up the satellite dish and the set-top box.

Whichever package you choose from Dish, it rarely leaves you wanting more. DirecTV and other competition still don’t offer same-price deal for as long, so this is the best time for new customers to sign up with Dish Network.

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to get the best deals on internet , cable , phone