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05 Dec

Fixing Dish Satellite Signal Reception Problems

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Signal Reception

Satellite TV users may encounter many problems with signal reception. Although issues in signal reception can be caused due to a number of reasons, some of the common causes of Dish Network signal disruption are explained below.

You should understand that when the error (015, 002) is displayed on the screen, it denotes a partial or complete satellite signal loss. The error (015, 002) is caused mainly due to damaged cables, malfunctioning equipment, misaligned antenna, weather problems, or major changes in home like new carpeting, new roof, etc. To fix issues in signal reception you should check all the things that are explained below.

Have You Relocated Your Satellite Dish Recently?

Modern satellite dishes need fine-tuning and a trained professional can best do it. If you have relocated the Dish satellite, then you will need to contact Dish Network support to align the antenna.

Are You Experiencing Bad Weather Conditions?

Severe weather can lead to temporary interruption of service, as signals from the satellite will not be able to reach the dish due to dense cloud. If bad weather is causing the interruption, you will need to wait for the weather to clear. If you have a Hopper 3 DVR, you will be able to watch existing recordings stored in it, and if you have an internet connection, you can even watch On Demand content without any interruptions.

Is Any Object Blocking The Dish?

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Check your dish to make sure that it has a clear view. If any object like a tree branch or snow build up is blocking the dish’s view of the sky, the satellite signal can be interfered. If it is safe, you should remove the obstructions to solve issues in signal reception.

Reset Dish Receiver

You may also reset the Dish Network receiver to fix issues in signal reception. To reset your Dish receiver, unplug the power cord from electrical outlet and wait for about ten seconds. After that, plug in the cord. It may take about five minutes for the reset process to finish.

Check Cables From Receiver To Wall

Ensure that the satellite cable connections at the back of the Dish receiver and wall socket are okay. If you have a Joey and Hopper system, you will need to check the satellite cable at back of the Hopper device.

These are some of the things, which you can try at times of Dish signal disruption. If none of the above steps work, you will need to contact Dish Network support for technical assistance.

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