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17 Aug

Fox6 Goes Dark On Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Network

As a result of the dispute over transmission rights, subscribers of Dish Network are unable to watch programs Fox6 Network. These programs include live news, Green Bay Packers, and many other popular shows. However, there is a simple solution for this problem.

TV antennas have come a long way from its initial rabbit ear model to latest versions, and they are now coming back to stores. “It’s actually starting to grow. A lot of people want to cut the cord from cable or Dish Network,” said Kevin Bendickson, Best Buy General Manager.


Watch Fox6

The digital version of antennas offer access to local stations in HD, and the best thing is that you can watch these channels without paying any monthly subscription fees. Antennas are available in price range of 20 to 100 dollars. Obviously, the high priced ones are stronger than the cheaper ones. “The stronger the antenna, the more signal you’re going to be able to receive. So some of them are good up to 30 miles, some up to 60 miles or more,” said Bendickson.

These antennas can also be used with existing satellite service providers. “I currently use DirecTV in my home and I have an antenna in my home. Every once in a while if you do have bad weather, you might get an interruption in that signal and you still want to be able to access local news and see what’s going on,” Bendickson added.

Fox6 Network was taken off from the Dish Network channel list as the contract between Dish and Fox6 expired on 12 June 2016, and the negotiations to bring the channels back are still going on. In the mean time, you can use these digital antennas to watch Fox6 programming as the program are available over the air. As these antennas can be paired with satellite TV providers, buying one will not be a waste of money. The antenna would also help you watch local programming when the satellite signal is interrupted due to bad weather or so.

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