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06 Apr

Getting The Best Movies With Premium And Other Packages

Dish Network Channel List

Premium Channels

Premium packages on pay-TV come with one or more premium channels, like HBO, Cinemax, Encore, EPIX, Showtime, and STARZ. Each of these can also have its own sub-package under the brand. Dish Network has a lot of its lineup that you can classify this way. You can get a list of these channels from the Dish Network channel guide.

  • HBO has 9 different channels that run the top movies from the big-screen, as well as award-winning series such as Game of Thrones and True Detective.
  • Cinemax brings six channels under it, featuring major Hollywood movies as well as original series like Banshee, Strike Back and The Knick.
  • Encore has eight channels bringing 75 movies every month, from the 80’s, 90’s, and today.
  • Epix is a four-channel suite that is famous for its showings of the latest Hollywood blockbusters.
  • Showtime has 9 channels under it, which show award winning movies like Boyhood and The Imitation Game, as well as acclaimed original series like Shameless and
  • STARZ has 8 channels that mix the big-screen programming with original series such as Black Sails, Outlander and Ash vs. Evil Dead.
  • The Dish Movie pack clumps 15 movie channels aimed at movie lovers, which covers EPIX and FXM.

Adding Premium Channels

Dish Network Channel Guide

Premium Dish Package

Premium TV channels can be added to your existing basic programming package either individually or as part of a combo. The packages at the top would have the provider’s full range of premium channels, as well as the basic channels you would have with the lower priced plans.

There are also times when premium channels are offered for free on a limited preview basis to subscribers who have just bought a package for the first time. There is usually also the option to upgrade after the trial period is over.

On Demand Channels

There are providers who offer On Demand channels that broadcast recent movies and first-run TV shows. You can also get sports broadcasts under this option, as well as concerts and other specials.

Further Packages

Besides the basic and premium lineups, pay-TV providers offer other speciality movie programming packages that cater to specific viewing interests, such as Encore, which has channels running popular older movies, as well as theatre releases that came out more recently.

For sports fans, there are packages tailored to meet their interests, and there are also local channels you can get and watch based on where you are in the United States. HD packages are the most popular among movie buffs, allowing viewers to derive the best detail and clarity from their video experience.

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