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19 Oct

How To Use Sling TV Gift Cards

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Sling TV Gift Cards

Sling TV is a subsidiary of Dish Network and they often offer promotional deals and gift cards to their users. These gift cards make it very easy to pre-pay for your Sling TV subscription, and you can even gift them to other Sling TV users.

Gifts cards from Sling are available in varied denominations, starting from 25 dollars to 100 dollars, and are available through participating retailers like Best Buy, Walmart, and Gamestop, both in-store and online. The only condition is that the gift card users should at least buy a minimum of one-month service and the taxes for the service should also be paid.

Users also have the option to add a credit card to their account, and by doing this, they can get free service for extra seven days. These extra days of service will be added above the amount that the user has already redeemed with their Sling TV gift card. Here are some key details about the Sling TV gift card.

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  • To make use of the gift card, you will have to scratch the PIN area at the back of the card to reveal the number. This number should then be entered at the official Sling website.
  • If you find that the gift balance amount in your account is not enough to pay for a full month of service, you will need to select varied services or will have to choose an additional method to pay for a full month of service. The additional method can be another gift card or a credit.
  • If you find that your gift balance is more than the charge for a month of subscription, the extra money will be prorated as extra days of service.
  • If you wish to make some changes to your subscription, you will need to add another gift card, or debit or credit card.
  • Sling TV gift cards can only be redeemed for a subscription service, and cannot be used towards a VOD rental or device offer. It can neither be redeemed to your account, if you are making use of third party partners like Amazon Store to pay for your subscription.
  • Sling Network will let you know if your subscription is about to expire. Nonetheless, Sling TV gift cards never expire.

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