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30 Jan

Is Dish Paving Way To Cannibalizing Itself

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Dish Network offered AirTV player with integrated OTA streaming, Alexa integration for television services, and Dish-on-a-stick at CES 2017. Dish Network is making bold moves with their latest range of products and services that will obviously cannibalize their traditional television offerings. Let us look into the details of the offering from Dish Network this CES.


At the CES 2017, Dish threatened their own traditional pay TV business with the introduction of AirTV. This product from Dish combines their Sling TV service with the native Netflix and OTA channels. “It’s similar to Roku, but it can connect to an off-air antenna and bring in live TV in full HD,” says Drew Mehrmann, who is the partner manager for Sling TV.

AirTV is an Android box, meaning that the device can run any app from Google Play Store. Netflix and Sling TV apps come preloaded on the device. There is also an optional AirTV Adapter, which plugs into a USB port on the box. The Dish interface combines all the television services into a single place and can be accessed with a single remote controller.

Dish on a Stick

This is not the real name for the latest product. The product is basically the Dish Anywhere service, available on a special Amazon Fire TV Stick. Users can take the device with them, plug it into HDMI port of any television, and enjoy Dish Network services on it. This means that anything that is available on the Dish Anywhere service can be accessed on a remote television, irrespective of the location of the user.

Dish Network Channel Guide

Traditional Television Offerings

Users can also access their local channels and programming guide, DVR recordings, video on demand, live TV, etc. A small remote is also offered with the stick and the user will need the remote to operate the device. This product can also cannibalize the traditional pay TV service of Dish, but the provider believes in the future. This product from Dish Network will not be released until summer.

Voice Control

Dish had announced their plans to integrate with Amazon Alexa for voice control. They have also offered a pre-production version of the voice integration at CES. “The idea is that: If you wanted to watch something, how quickly can you get to the content that you want to watch, without having to pick up the remote and go to the menus and find the content that you’re looking for?” says Dish product manager Sashi Choudhary.

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