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07 Nov

Keep Your Kids Entertained For Hours With Sling Kids

Dish Network Channel List

Sling Kids Add-On

Parents might know the importance of quality content for kids on TV. There is something about the cartoons on a Saturday morning that helps parents get their weekends started right. And Sling knows that right.

Sling TV already offers many kid friendly channels like TeenNick, Baby TV, NickToons, Boomerang, Disney Junior, Kaboom, and Nick Jr., but with the latest “Sling Kids” content, they have added 200 plus TV shows and movies for kids.

Sling Kids offers great value for busy families who wish to entertain children both at home and on the go. Sling Kids is offered as part of the “Kids Extra” add-on pack for an extra of five dollars per month for the Sling Blue and Sling Orange subscribers.

In the channel list, Sling Kids will appear as a new channel and feature more than 200 On Demand TV shows. Sling Kids will offer content that is appropriate and entertaining for the children, and even the contents are organized according to age groups.

Dish Network

Age Appropriate Navigation

Age Appropriate Navigation

As there are more than 200 titles on Sling Kids, it will be difficult for parents to go through the channel list without any navigation options. For this reason, Sling has offered the age appropriate navigation that help children and parents find the most age appropriate movies and shows easily.

The contents are organized by age group categories in an easy to navigate way within the channel. Parents can be confident that their children watch only those programs that are within their age group category without coming across programs that are not appropriate for them. Sling Kids offers entertainment that is specifically made for ages 2-4, 5-7, 8-11, and 12+.

New Content

Sling Kids is available in Kids Extra pack and is priced at five dollars per month and the package includes new On Demand content from Splash, Kabillion, and Kaboom. With the package, your children can look forward to shows like “Chloe’s Closet” and “Sonic X” and movies like “My Friend Bernard” and “The Missing Lynx.”

In addition to that, the add-on package also contains many live and dedicated TV shows exclusively for kids. Visit the official website of Sling to have the full list of Kids Extra programming content.

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