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30 Aug

Latest Movies In Dish Cinema

Dish Network

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Dish Network offers an abundant collection of some of the best movies and TV shows. Dish subscribers can easily access latest movies and TV shows through Dish Cinema. Here are some of the latest films available to Dish subscribers at the moment.

The Huntsman: Winter’s War

This film is both a sequel and prequel to the film, “Snow White and the Huntsmen”, which was released in the year 2012. Chris Hemsworth reprises his role of Huntsmen, Eric, and Jessica Chastain plays his love Sara.

The plot revolves around lovers Eric and Sara, who serve as huntsmen for Freya (played by Emily Blunt). The story further reveals how Eric fights against the cruel intensions of Freya and her sister, Queen (played by Charlize Theron).

The Nice Guys

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Latest Movies In Dish

“The Nice Guys” is an exceptional investigation comedy film directed by Shane Black. The story is set in 1977 at Los Angeles and revolves around the story of two private detectives looking for a missing woman. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe play the lead characters of the film and their chemistry is absolutely brilliant.

The other main cast members of this film are Matt Bomer, Angourie Rice, and Margaret Qualley. The engaging and funny storytelling will keep you entertained until the end of the movie.

The Killing Joke

“Batman: The Killing Joke”, which was one of the most popular DC comics, was recently adopted and made into an animated movie by Warner Bros. Animation studios. Fans once again got to see Mark Hamill voicing for the psychopathic villain Joker. This film was widely accepted by the fans and now you can easily watch this animated film on Dish Network.

The story of the film is mainly centered on the Joker, who escapes from Arkham Asylum to terrorize the Gordon family and to prove a point. The plot further reveals and explains the origin of Joker. Directed by Sam Liu, “The Killing Joke” is a treat for DC comic fans on the big screen.

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