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20 Jul

Neustar Partners With Dish Media Sales

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Dish Media Sales

The recent deal signed between Neustar and Dish Media Sales has opened the doors for the former to expand into the world of TV ad targeting and measurement. Neustar plays a significant role in omni-channel marketing analysis and identity management. Neustar does this by helping the marketers achieve audience-based targeting on television and by analyzing the importance of advertising over different platforms.

The enhanced Dish Network consumer profiles will enable the marketers to use Neustar consumer data to target approximately 8 million US Dish subscribers. This approach is capable of limiting media spending and it also increases the efficiency of marketing. The CRM data will further allow marketers to build addressable TV audiences and offer an effective way to target the right audience.

Dish Network

Dish Network Channels

Chief marketing and communications officer of Neustar, Steven Wolfe Pereira said, “TV is going through a renaissance and promises to reinvent itself in a way that aligns with how consumers want to engage with brands. With the proliferation of media and the multi-screen behavior of consumers accelerating rapidly, marketers have the opportunity to transform how they use their valuable customer data. We are excited to partner with DISH, a pioneer in the TV industry, to let media buyers and sellers demonstrate the efficacy of TV media by hyper-targeting advertisements, and measuring results at a granular, addressable level.”

Technological advancements has uplifted the television viewing experience and it has urged marketers to come up with innovating marketing strategies and addressability has been one of the most effective strategies which is being used by the marketers. Adam Gaynor, vice president of Dish Media Sales said “Brands can now leverage Neustar’s consumer data to expand beyond the small screen to the featured screen in the house – the TV; Adding Neustar to our stable of partners simplifies the buying and reporting process for brands utilizing Neustar’s data analytics on DISH’s addressable platform.”

Neustar’s authoritative identity methodology enables marketers to identify the effect of advertising exposure, and by implementing specific campaigns based on KPI’s, the advertising exposure can easily be linked into the lift in sales, website engagement, or lead generation activities. Furthermore, the marketers are in need of such a measurement that connects both online and offline sectors by an authoritative identity.

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