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04 Aug

Outdoor Package By Dish Network For ‘Outdoor’ People

Dish Network Channels

Outdoor Package

The Outdoor package by Dish Network offers you 4 leading channels on hunting, shooting, fishing, extreme sports, as well as travel and adventure, for just $4 a month. The channels included in the pack are Outside Television, World Fishing Network, Sportsman Channel, and Outdoor Channel. The package brings you the feeling of adventure and nature in the comfort of your own home.

Outside Television (Channel no. 390)

This channel is based on Outside Magazine, featuring active outdoor lifestyle activities such as biking, skiing, running, sailing, kayaking, and surfing. It also features many adventurous activities on water, snow, wind, and terrain, as well as gives a picture of the life of people engaged in them.

World Fishing Network (Channel no. 394)

This is a 24/7 channel dedicated to the art of fishing. You can watch a variety of programs form casual outing to competitive fishing, and even travel ideas including programs that covers tips, instruction, tournaments, boating, travel, food, outdoor lifestyle, and many more.

Sportsman Channel (Channel no. 395)

This channel offers programs on outdoor sports including shooting, hunting, and fishing. It also airs the best competitive hunting shows, destination profiles, and how-to shows. Besides having the thrill of fishing and hunting, directly delivered into your living room, you can also check out some of the most watched sports events in this channel.

Outdoor Channel (Channel no. 396)

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Outdoor Package

This channel offers programs on fishing, hunting, western lifestyle, and adventure, and is one of the most popular outdoor channels in America. It features biggest stars in the outdoor industry and has been running some of the best programs since 1993.

Featured Shows

“Explorers” is a documentary series on the stories of the world’s best explorers and adventurers. The series is aired at 09:00 pm on Wednesdays on the Outside Television channel.

 “World Fishing Journal” provides features for fishing industries and angling community. It is aired on the World Fishing Network Channel on the first Sunday of every month at 11.30 am.

“Major League Bowhunter” is a bow hunting show, which covers every minute detail of hunting. The show airs on the Sportsman Channel at 08.30 pm on Tuesdays, and teaches hunters – both beginners and experienced – something new from each encounter.

 “Dropped” is a popular show in Outdoor Channel in which celebrities are dropped into a hostile environment and they are left to take care of themselves. The show is aired on Mondays at 09:00 pm. In the show, Keefer brothers go on an unpredictable adventure on dangerous landscape.

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