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13 Apr

Payment For Dish Network Services Can Be Paid Through Bitcoin

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Dish is one of the first television service providers who started to accept subscription payments via Bitcoin. As most of you know, Bitcoin is a digital asset. It can be used for online payment purposes. Although most products and services can be purchased online these days, only few companies have started to accept Bitcoin as a payment. Interestingly, Dish Network, the leading satellite television service provider in America, started to accept this as one of their payment processing options. Experts think that Dish’s decision to accept Bitcoin payments has helped it more popular among the customers.

Unlike other payment options like Debit/Credit card, net banking, and PayPal, Bitcoin is more user- friendly. As it is digital money, it can be easily transferred to your service providers. Even if you are on the last day of renewing your subscriptions, you can make payment through Bitcoin and it is easily credited against your Dish Network subscription. So there are no subscription blocks or similar issues.

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It is quite some time now that Dish started the acceptance of Bitcoin. Today, more than 20 percent of Dish Network customers are using this service. If you want to make your payment through Bitcoin, the process is quite simple. All you need to do is simply visit the Dish Network website and then go to the payment screen. Among the different payment options given there, you would be able to find the Bitcoin option there.

The Bitcoin payment option is made available for all Dish Network customers irrespective of what service they have chosen. When Dish TV introduced the Bitcoin payment option, it was the first and the largest pay-TV service provider in the world to adopt this modern crypto-currency. According to the reports, Dish Network also holds the record for being the largest commercial company to adopt Bitcoin.

Dish Network customers across the world are quite happy and thrilled about the Bitcoin incorporation into the payment methods. After this option has been added, more than a thousand customers called the company and thanked it. If you look at the customer reviews of Dish Network, you would soon realize that Bitcoin inclusion is the reason now for many people to adopt Dish services.

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