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13 May

Sling TV Grows With Viacom Inclusion

Dish Network Channel Guide

Sling Adds Viacom

Last month, many Dish TV subscribers were awaiting the dreaded blackout of many popular channels – Comedy Central, BET, MTV, and some more. What was going to cause it? A retransmission dispute with longtime business partner Viacom. There had been no extension to the soon-to-expire agreement, and the blackout loomed large on the horizon.

Viacom Moves To Sling

Then the companies turned around and drafted a new agreement, which they announced in a press release. The Viacom networks will be moving from Dish to Sling TV. This far they have been silent on packaging details, and the only other major detail let out was that sometime in the coming months, the channels would be available on single-stream and multi-stream services through Sling TV.

Sling Adds Second Bundle

Dish Network Channel List

Dish TV Channels

Before the redone agreement between Dish and Viacom, Sling TV brought in a second bundle with Fox Network in it, including Fox Sports. To get these channels at the base price, you had to let go of ABC-owned channels, including ESPN and Disney. If you wanted the latter as well, it meant paying $40 for both, which was essentially twice the price for some channels.

Dish Is Committed To Sling TV

All this only goes to show that Dish is no longer averse to capitalizing on the fact that many people are moving away from traditional pay-TV. While there is still a large segment of the population that understands regular programming packages are the best way to get TV, streaming services have been growing rapidly. Almost any kid knows these as popular video services, instead of the cable TV alternatives they used to be.

Sling TV is a good way for Dish to show that even though TV hasn’t been headed in the direction they want, they are not going to stop providing value services. Foray into the new broadcast medium doesn’t seem to be much of a setback for Dish Network.

Sling TV brings 26 cable channels to your home for $20 a month, and although Vue has more bonus channels, Sling TV has more in the base package itself. There are no over-the-air stations. You can stream on three devices at once, though it is not the same channel mix as a Dish Network package. Extra packages can be bought for $5 each. According to Sling, it is all about flexibility, and this is a subject Dish Network seems to have a keen understanding of.

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