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28 Oct

Sling TV Is Not Worried About DirecTV Now

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AT&T president and CEO, Randall Stephenson, shared a vital information about their latest streaming service, DirecTV Now, while stating the case for the mega merger between AT&T and the entertainment company, Time Warner Inc. Stephenson confirmed that DirecTV Now would be available to the subscribers by November during the announcement.

“The more we iterate and work on DirecTV [Now] and launch it in November, the more excited we get about what we’ll be putting in the marketplace,” he said. “There are a lot of things we really aspire to do with this platform as you think about incorporating social into the platform and as you begin to think about how you share content on this platform: clipping content that you’re watching and sharing it with your friends via messaging or via social media.”

Reports from several reliable sources have confirmed that DirecTV Now will bring great competition among other online steaming platforms such as Hulu and Dish Network’s Sling TV. AT&T had recently signed agreements with many major networks in order to air their contents on DirecTV Now, and some of these networks are not yet available on other steaming services.

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Another recent announcement from the AT&T CEO has shocked all the streaming service providers as he confirmed that DirecTV Now will be available at a much lower price of $35 per month, while still carrying more than a hundred popular channels. Though it is clear that DirecTV Now would be a tough competition for Dish Network’s streaming service, it seem as if Sling TV is not at all worried about this announcement or about the latest streaming service.

Sling TV CEO, Roger Lynch, commented that their company is not engaged in a direct competition with DirecTV Now. “Our strategy was never to recreate that big bundle of channels. Our strategy is to create choice for consumers,” he said.

Lynch’s response came just a day after AT&T revealed the details on the price and number of channels included in DirecTV Now. The base package of Dish Network’s Sling costs $20-a-month and the subscribers have to pay extra fees in order to subscribe to additional packages. However, it is evident that the channel lineup of Sling TV does not have the ability to compete with DirecTV Now.

“Our objective was never to be the one service that meets all your viewing needs. Netflix is complimentary to Sling TV. So are Amazon Prime and Hulu. People are putting together their own bundles,” Lynch said and added, “Competition is good for us. It’s good for consumers.”

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