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25 Sep

Sling TV Offers 18-Hour Free Preview For Their Subscribers

Dish Network Channels

Presidential Candidates Faceoff

Television viewers are in for a treat on Monday. Two major events will appear on your television screens from tomorrow, September 26, 2016. The first major event will be the faceoff between the two presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and they will engage in their first debate.

The second event is one of the most awaited NFL sports events of the year and it will feature Atlanta Falcons and the New Orleans Saints. Sling TV is looking to make the most with these major television events by giving their subscribers an 18-hour free preview on the same date.

In a statement, Roger Lynch, Sling TV CEO said, “Sling TV is synonymous with live television, and whether America craves pigskins or politics, these two events on Monday night represent the pinnacle of must-see-live TV. This preview is 100 percent free and gives all Americans the opportunity to watch the first Presidential debate and more, I can’t think of a better night to welcome new Sling TV viewers to experience our service.”

Dish Network Packages

Atlanta Falcons Vs. New Orleans Saints

This offer is available to both new and existing Sling TV subscribers. Sling TV has set up a special landing page for the streaming service. The subscribers, who wish to enjoy the 18-hour free preview from Sling TV, can sign up for the free service through this page.

In addition to these programs, Sling TV subscribers can also enjoy programs from other channels, which are included in Sling TV’s Sling Orange package during this free trial. Sling subscribers will have to sign up, in order to enjoy the 18-hour free preview. However, Sling TV has assured that the subscribers will not be charged for this free service.

Sling Orange was the only package offered by Dish Network’s Sling TV, when it was launched in the year 2014. Sling TV offered this package to the subscribers at an affordable rate of $20 per month and this package offered over 25 popular channels including Bloomberg Television, Comedy Central, AMC, CNN, and ESPN.

Sling Blue is another package offered by Sling TV and this package is available to the subscribers at $40 per month. The Sling Blue package allows subscribers to watch their favorite programs on multiple devices and it involves multi-stream support options. The 18-hour free preview will start at 08:00 a.m. ET on Monday and end by 02:00 a.m. ET the next day.

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