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01 Nov

Sling TV Plans To Stick With Their Core Packages

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Sling TV CEO is not concerned with AT&T’s new announcement regarding their streaming service, DirecTV Now. In an announcement, AT&T CEO, Randall Stephenson revealed that DirecTV Now would offer more than a hundred popular channels at a mere price of $35 a month. When asked how Sling TV is planning to respond to that, CEO Roger Lynch mentioned that Sling would continue to do what they have been doing for the last few months.

Lynch said, “Our strategy was never to create that big bundle of channels. We think that’s a market that’s well-served by competitors like DirecTV or Comcast or even our parent company, Dish Network. Our strategy was to create choice for consumers.”

Dish Network

Sling TV Packages

Sling TV has been offering two core packages, Sling Orange and Sling Blue, to their subscribers for a very long time. Sling Orange package is offered at $20 per month while Sling Blue is available at $25 per month. In addition to that, the provider also offers several add-on packages, although the number of channels in Sling packages remains far lesser than what DirecTV Now is planning to offer.

“We’re not about providing you with 100 channels. We’re about providing you with flexibility and customization,” Lynch said. He also mentioned about a new Parks Associates study, which revealed that Sling TV has secured the sixth position among all subscription OTT services in the country. However, he refused to announce the Sling TV subscription numbers.

“We are really at the transition point of our industry. They might take Netflix and Sling and Hulu or Crunchyroll depending on their interests,” he added. “Our objective was never to be the one service that meets all the viewing needs of any individual. We just don’t’ think that model’s viable anymore. The viable model is to be an important piece of a puzzle that people put together for their own streaming services.”

In addition to that, Sling TV CEO also said that the chances for them to add Fox, NBC, and ABC live locals on their single $20 package is very less, as they are very expensive to carry. Yet again, Sling TV subscribers can access these signals for free through an antenna.

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