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06 Sep

Sling TV Prepares To Attract Cord Cutters With New Marketing Strategies

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Sling, the Dish Network subsidiary for streaming TV, will launch new marketing campaigns featuring actor Danny Trejo. The campaign is aimed to attract cord cutters to the streaming pay TV service. This is the first time that that Dish is promoting their Sling TV service all over the US, rather than focusing on the local markets alone.

When Sling started to offer their services last year, their contracts with at least some of the cable TV providers put a cap on the maximum number of subscribers that the service can sign up. CEO of Sling, Roger Lynch, declined to comment on these deals, but he acknowledged that some of the programmers were concerned about what Sling TV service and other streaming services would mean in the pay TV scenario. He added that those concerns are long gone and now providers are convinced on how Sling can grow their service.

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“We don’t hear any concerns from programmers,” Lynch said. “Because they realize this is the future.” When the satellite pay TV industry was losing customers, Sling TV has been adding customers at an increasing rate, Lynch said. However, he declined to reveal the number of subscribers of the service. Programmers are “really happy with our growth and asking us if there’s anything they can do to help us grow faster,” he added.

The new campaign of Sling contains a series of television and print advertisements that are centered on Trejo. In these advertisements, Trejo, who is best known for playing murderer and criminal in movies like “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “Heat,” and Machete,” speaks for the anger that many subscribers feel about the traditional television services.

The new campaign is released when Dish Network and many other members of the pay TV industry are struggling due to user churns. Reports show that Dish has been shedding customers for some time now. Overall, the pay TV industry lost customers in the last three years and the biggest losses were in the first half of this year. The decline is because many of the subscribers have chosen to streaming videos over pay TV services, and Sling TV is trying to attract this group of users with their new campaigns.

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