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14 Jul

Sling TV – The Streaming Service Offering From Dish Network

Dish Network Channel Guide

Sling Blue

Sling TV is the streaming service offered by Dish Network and it is a very expansive one. What’s more, some say that since its launch last year, the service has become much more complicated.

Sling has two basic packages now, with improved add-on packages, and new restrictions that apply to some local and sports channels. The basic packages offered by Sling TV are Sling Blue and Sling Orange

Sling Blue vs Sling Orange

Sling Orange is the basic package that was launched last year. It is the original twenty dollars per month pack, and allows you to stream programming on only one device at a time. The Disney owned channels and ESPN are available on the Sling Orange network.

Dish Network

Sling Orange

Sling Blue pack starts at twenty-five dollars a month, and this service allows you to stream shows on three devices at the same time. The channel lineup of the service overlaps with that of Sling Orange, but this pack does not include channels from Disney. Instead, the pack offers channels from NBC, Fox, and Viacom channels.

Sling TV Add-Ons

After selecting the basic package, you can add any number of extra packages to your service. Each extra pack will cost five dollars a month. Channels like HBO and Cinemax are offered as add-on packs and the costs are 15 and 10 dollars per month respectively.

The catch here is that the channels available in each add-on changes with the base pack selection. For instance, if you select the Sports Extra add-on, you can watch ESPN channel only if your basic pack is Sling Orange. Else, you will get to watch the Golf channel instead.

Is DVR Available With Sling TV?

DVR is not offered with Sling TV, but some of the channels have the Replay feature, which allows you to go back and watch shows telecasted recently. Channels with the Replay feature also let you pause and rewind live programs.

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