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04 Nov

Television Setup By Dish Smart Home Services

Dish Network Channel List

Dish Smart Home Services

Dish Network, one of the leading satellite/cable providers in the country, is determined to bring an ultimate in-home entertainment experience to their subscribers at an affordable price. This exceptional initiative from the provider works with almost any budget and fulfills all the demands of the user. Here is what you need to know about the DISH Smart Home Services program.

Television Setup

The expert technicians from Dish Network will help you enjoy TV from each and every point of view. They will install the wall brackets, connect and configure audio and video components, conceal the wires, and set up remote control programming at your home, so that you can enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies to the fullest.

TV on a Stand

If you want to install your TV on a stand, then the skilled technicians can help you achieve this task with ease. After installing the TV, they will connect the available video sources and carefully secure and organize the wiring. The experts will even label the TV menu inputs and set up your remote, so that it works flawlessly with the television.

TV on a Wall

Dish Network

Set Up Power Relocation

Many subscribers prefer to mount their TV on the wall rather than using a stand. The professional technicians from Dish Network will install your TV at an optimal viewing angle on your wall, which will ensure a great viewing experience to your entire family. They will also hide the wires and other cables underneath to make your room look clean and elegant.

Set Up Power Relocation

If you prefer to hide the wires or cables, but don’t want to spend a lot of your money on costly technicians, or if you don’t like the way wire molding looks, then Dish Network technicians can help in the most acceptable way. By installing a Power Relocation kit, which will drive the power from the wall to your A/V cabling or to the TV, mounted on the wall, this will eliminate the need for costly technicians and wire molding, yet turning your house into a Smart Home.

In addition to the TV setup, other services offered by the DISH Smart Home Services include Network Setup and Surround Sound. These services will instantly transform your home into an entertainment arena, with a better viewing experience to your whole family.

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