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28 Mar

The Benefits Of Getting Dish In Your Home

Dish Network Channels

Dish TV Programming

Dish is often considered the best digital TV option for homes around the country, which shows in the huge following the company has garnered since the time it has been doing business. When you compare prices and features with packages from other providers, Dish almost always comes out on top. Dish Network is also lauded for the wide range of programming they provide customers, even in base packages.

If you are not convinced about signing up, but are looking for the right kind of nudge, maybe the points mentioned below will help. At the least, they will get you considering switching from a different provider more seriously.

The Pricing

Dish has a wide lineup of packages starting off at $34.99 a month. When these are compared to other cable TV providers and what they offer in comparable tiers, you would notice huge differences. The lowest costing package from Dish gives you over 100 Dish Network channels, and you can find out about these from the Dish Network channel guide.


One of the main differences between Dish and Comcast is the offers these providers launch round the year, or don’t, in the case of Comcast. Dish rarely raises prices without sufficient notice to subscribers, and instead cuts package pricing quite often. That is probably why they have an 11% higher customer satisfaction rating than Comcast.

Best Technologies

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish TV Benefits

Dish beats almost all competition when it comes to adopting, modifying, and upgrading technologies. It gives customers the option of using these without charging them for the added benefit. Cable TV providers are rarely if ever like that.

Home Integration

Dish technology lets you receive programming not just in your TV, but on other devices connected to the receiver, such as phone or tablet. The Dish Anywhere App even makes sure you are connected when outside and on the move, so you could be in the waiting room or at the mall and still be able to catch a game, show or movie.

Good Signal

Whether using cable or satellite services, one point of importance is uninterrupted reception. You rarely hear Dish customers complain in that regard, and considering the millions of homes it serves, that is no short of impressive. Dish guarantees 99.9% signal up time.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider moving to Dish. While there are many more, the ones given above are by far the most important if you are seriously rethinking your choice of TV programming provider.

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to get the best deals on internet , cable , phone