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04 Aug

The Greek Elite Package From Dish

Dish Network Channel List

Greek Package

Dish Network offers the widest collection of TV channels for just about all nationality. Dish is currently offering 270 international channels in about 28 languages. Here is a brief look at the Greek Elite package offered by Dish Network to the Greek community in the US.

Greek Elite

The Greek Elite package offers the most comprehensive Greek language programs for Greeks and Cypriots living in the US. A variety of incredible channels like Alpha, Mega, Greek Cinema, Antenna Sat, and more, are included in the pack, offering entertainment programs like mini-series, Super leagues sports events, 24-hour news, talk shows, newly released and top classical movies, and much more. Here are the channels included in the package.

Super Sport FM

Super Sport FM is 24×7 dedicated audio channel for sports radio talk shows.

Antenna Satellite

This channel airs the best Greek programming from Athens, including dramas, top-rated comedies, and live news bulletins from ANT1, Greece’s leading TV station. It also broadcasts exclusive and live soccer games and special programs for the Cypriot and Greek community.


Mega offers a complete set of best programs in Greek with programs like 24-hour news, movies, sports, game shows, dramas, and much more.

Alpha Sat

Dish Network

Dish international package

This channel offers latest international and local news and entertainment programs, as well as many of the most popular shows in Greek.

Sport Plus

Sport Plus is the first Greek channel, which broadcasted non-stop selected live sporting events like Greek football league, Greek super league, Greek basketball league games, A1 games, and other international games. It is the ultimate channel for sports lovers, offering the latest and trending highlights and news from weekend games, post/pre-game interviews, standings, results, and much more.

Greek Cinema

Greek Cinema is the first 24×7 channel dedicated for Greek movie lovers in the US, featuring both new releases and top classics.

Rytyhmos Radio

Rytyhmos Radio is a 24×7 audio channel with featured contents that are predominantly composed of Greece’s newest and the best music, countdowns, billboard, chats, and interviews, in the same type and mix as it is aired in Greece.

Antenna Radio

Antenna Radio is a 24×7 audio channel featuring programs like, current affairs, talk radio, sports news, and music, in a similar format to what is aired on Greece version of the channel.

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