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22 Aug

Tribune Comments On Dish Network’s Negotiation Terms

Dish Network Channel List

Tribune – Dish Negotiation

In recent news, Tribune Media has heavily criticized the description of the negotiation by Dish Network. Tribune channels had blacked out in around 50 million households in the United States across 33 markets including major markets like Cleveland, Chicago, Houston, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Philadelphia, Miami, and Seattle, due to the dispute over carriage fees between the satellite service provider and the network.

Dish executive VP of marketing, programming, and media sales, Warren Schlichting, stated in a press release that they support the broadcaster’s antenna giveaway program until Dish and Tribune are back with their retransmission negotiations. However, Schlichting added that, “Tribune had stopped negotiating for five weeks, delaying a resolution. Tribune is back at the table and we are making headway that I am hopeful will get these channels back to our customers soon.”

Interestingly, a Tribune spokesperson commented that the statement by Dish is not the actual truth. “Tribune Media has been in continuous negotiations with Dish since being forced off its distribution system on June 12. To say otherwise is patently false and further evidence of Dish’s willingness to mislead its customers and our viewers. To be clear, despite Tribune Media’s best efforts, an agreement with Dish is not imminent, and Dish subscribers should consider switching providers before the start of football’s regular season in a few weeks,” he said in a press release.

The Actual Scenario

Dish Network

Dispute Over Fees

There were several face-to-face meeting between the negotiation teams of Dish Network and Tribune but nothing has been effective. As the football season begins, it is important for Dish to keep their subscribers happy by assuring that the Tribune stations will be available soon. However, Tribune is warning Dish Network subscribers to dump their pay TV services and raise their complaints to Dish to watch their favorite football games.

In Indianapolis, Tribune ran TV ads during last month warning Dish subscribers that they would be missing 13 of 16 Colts games in Tribune’s CBS and Fox affiliates, and thus they had better change their pay TV service. Tribune has also started running more ads in NFL markets including Seattle and Milwaukee. Here, the subscribers will be missing the plays of their pro football teams if a new retransmission deal is not made between Dish Network and Tribune.

There are ads aimed at fans of Panthers in Greensboro, and fans of Lions in Grand Rapids as well. Ads are also running in big markets of college football like Alabama, Huntsville and Ft. Smith, Arkansas, which urge users to switch to other alternatives.

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