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16 Mar

TV Commercials Are Wasting Your Time

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Commercials Waste Time

Satellite TV subscribers do not need to be reminded how much of their time commercials take up these days. With average TV shows ranging around an hour in duration, commercials usually take up about a fourth of that time. We will be generous and assume that you miss half of these by leaving the room, channel hopping, or fast forwarding on the DVR. But what about the time you lose? How much does all that add up to?

The Math

  • Hours per day: 0.5 (30 minutes)
  • Hours per week: 3½
  • Hours per month: 14
  • Hours per year: 168

This is what makes the Dish Hopper 3 such a useful piece of equipment. The AutoHop ad-skipping feature lets you (after a 7-day delay) skip commercials and save all that time, which according to the calculations above, adds up to almost a year by the time you are 65.

In this age, having to watch multiple commercials in a row is almost painful to endure. TV commercials, while definitely not the only form of advertising, accounted for $79 billion last year, which tells us there is a lot of money in it, and also, a lot of people are trying to get your attention. If anyone ever spoke in favor of TV ads, they would mention the following points:

The Information

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Lengthy TV Commercials

Ads arguably ‘keep us informed’ about new products, but is it really that important to watch them when you could do most of your item-hunting at a supermarket? Why watch thousands of hours of commercials just to get a fresh look at every new thing that hits the market?

The Entertainment

Some argue that people like the commercials, because they are clever, funny, and visually appealing. Maybe this applies to car and phone commercials, but are the rest of those ads worth spending time on? Who wants to watch automate ads at a 5-minute stretch? Sooner or later, you realize it is a waste of time.

The Interruption

This is the strongest point raised by the ‘anti-commercial’ groups: why break up a movie when you could be watching it in a single go. What purpose do the cuts serve than to make the storyline more fractured instead of the cohesiveness it is supposed to show? The only way for the latter to happen is if there were no commercials.

Dish TV’s Hopper 3 offers commercial-free viewing as a default, and lets you skip ads using the Primetime Anytime feature. That is one reason to sign up for one of their packages.

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